Andrea Rubik

Andrea is the founder and consultant at Odit, a company she founded in 2016 to assist leaders and organisations to transform themselves and to function at their growing edge. Her work integrates strategy, marketing, uncertainty, innovation, and change management theory.
Andrea helps leaders and entrepreneurs with marketing strategy powerup so that they can unlock the full potential of their organization and increase innovation performance. Currently works with tech companies, Startups, and a new generation of SMEs at the intersection of marketing and management innovation. She is on the mission to help organizations to onboard new ways of working capable of turning out a steady stream of innovation for growth and creating new markets.
She is a highly commended independent consultant (Global Women in Marketing Award 2019) in the business of marketing and activating new dimensions of innovations. 
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Our Team

At Odit we operate using an alliance network model. We see every client engagement as unique and we create the best team of consultants for the work to maximise our client’s business growth.
Our aim is also to build the capacity and capability of our clients’ leadership teams to continue the work themselves. Our Ignite programs are action-oriented, developing the collaborative capacity of the teams as we guide and upskill them through the change they are leading and new dimensions of innovations they are unfolding.